François Jacquier, freelance flash

Gentleman coder


Selected work
projects services url industry clients date
Katoa actionscript, svn, oop, flex, cairngorm http://www.katoa.com social networks, arts Explocentre orange 2007-2008
Popstars as, flash video, oop, webtv http://www.popstars.fr music, tv Actualys 2008
Archideco actionscript 3, xml, papervision3D non disponible decoration Explocentre orange 2008
Archibat website flash, xml, xhtml, js http://www.archibat.com human resources, architecture Archibat 2002-2008
Oliviers & Co xhtml oscommerce template http://www.oliviers-co.com telecom, mobile, social network Vincent Heckel 2007
Laser services flash animation, actionscript, xml http://www.laser.fr Galeries lafayette Services Actualys 2007
Mobile Signal actionscript, xml, basic jsp non disponible telecom, mobile, social network Mobile Signal 2005-2007
Zidane actionscript, xml http://www.zidane.fr sports Sporever 2006
AFA France dev xhtml / css, training http://www.afa-france.com ISP, services Actualys 2006
Novaprod-Owl actionscript http://www.novaprod-owl.com Sound, production Bigyouth 2005
Katoa is a community website based on creativity, sharing and personal expression. This over-complexified project needed some expertise to be able to evolve...
M6 wanted a webTV like the one i did for the nouvelle star project...
ArchiDeco needed a dynamic flash model, enough flexible to integrate easily 3d and changes...
Archibat is a recruitment agency which helps architecture professionals in the search and selection of candidates...
Oliviers & CO
The story begins with the man who planted the trees, and lives on in the spirit of a company whose aim is to share the passion for the Mediterranean tree and its products...
Laser is the leading European company for intermediation and customer relations services...
Sporever called me to set up dynamic data in Zidane's website and a few more things...
Mobile Signal
Within a reworking framework, i had to switch from a full ajax site to full flash...
Novaprod is a European sound producer; i worked on developing their flash website, with a special audio player...
AFA France
The French ISP association redesign. I was in charge of xhtml/css development...